Illinois Post-Secondary Adult and Career Education 

Sub-Group of the INRS division of the Illinois ACTE

We are a new affiliate organization to serve all CTE related professionals in the Post-Secondary Education field in Illinois.  We welcome all post-secondary staff and faculty, adult education faculty, faculty and staff in career education and workforce training members at the post-secondary level.  We plan to provide networking and professional development opportunities in a virtual, in-person, regional, and state level for all areas of post-secondary CTE.   Join today to help make this your premier Post-Secondary CTE organization in Illinois.  

Join PACE today at Join IACTE 

How to Join:

If you are an existing Illinois ACTE member please email the IACTE director and they will assist you in adding the post-secondary subgroup.

Membership for the State IACTE is $60 and then the INRS division which is where you add post-secondary has a few of $25.  You can join multiple affiliates and you can also join the national ACTE organization and PACE division at a cost of $80.  All state level memberships are 12 months from the date of joining.  

Upcoming Events:

May 8th- 2pm Illinois PACE Meeting with any administrators across Illinois to discuss PACE- Register for this virtual meeting at Meeting Registration - Zoom 

June 12th-14- Region 3 ACTE Conference Springfield Mo Region III Conference - ACTE ( 

June 27-June 29th- ACTE Teach CTE Summit- St. Paul Minnesota Teach CTE Summit 2023 - ACTE ( 

September 21& 22nd ICCB Illinois Forum for Excellence Peoria IL Forum for Excellence ( 

September 20-22- ACTE Transforming Post-Secondary CTE for all Summit Denver Colorado Postsecondary CTE Event - ACTE ( 

September 27-29- ACTE Best Practices and Innovations Conference Teach CTE Summit 2023 - ACTE (